"An Arrangement oif Euphoric Illusions" was produced on an Off Broadway stage May 9-15th, 2016 at the American Theater for Actors. It was written and directed by Elise Maurine Milner and it played to a sold out audience! We plan to take this show to regional theaters next year!

Told from two perspectives and distinct narratives from each point of view, (presented at times through scenes of their fantasies and other scenes as their reality) newly engaged couple Nathaniel and Gemini who though have an intense love for each other, also have an underlying, stirring nervousness for nuptials in their own unique ways. On the eve of Nate's 30th birthday, an especially contemplative time for him, a dinner party with friends ensue, and a complicated secret is eventually revealed. Not only must Gemini and Nate navigate through their hopes, fears, and insecurities throughout the play, but also must their beloved friends who are closest to them. Everyone is forced to take an honest and raw look at what they really want and who they really are, ultimately revealing that perception is completely subjective, ever changing, and unique for each individual. They learn that the complicated journey of ALL relationships, not just the one between them, can cause dire consequences for everyone else in their lives if expectations precede personal truth, and the illusion of it. Will, what they already HAVE in front of them withstand newly revealed discoveries, or will their desire for their "alleged" need for rigorous honesty get the best of them, their relationship, and their friendships? Both comedic at times as much as it is provocative and heart wrenching, sensual, and dramatic, this play takes a solid look at the gamut of human relationships and tackles the many facets of life and its challenges and rewards.

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