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An Interactive Theatre venue means YOU, the audience members, play roles as plot participants just as the characters do, as you AND they interact throughout the entire show! They will treat you one in the same and dance with you, sing to you, sing for you, and some of you will be chosen to partake in the action on stage as a character! Interactive shows offer a non-traditional, unique, and exciting physical theatrical experience for almost everyone!

(Not all situations in the show are completely appropriate for persons 16 and under)
"Mama Velveeta Souprano," a millionaire, gourmet meatball connoisseur has just been KILLED!? And nobody seems too upset, after all there is LOTS of dough to be dispersed and the Souprano family name is readyto be traded for a Mafia affiliation over the food business! Will her own son"Phony" and YOU, her family of backstabbing friends, really sell out Mama's empire to be wanna-be mobsters? Find out over her DEAD BODY!
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