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Where are they NOW? Ask the fans of "Wydell" High
School 25 years later when the greasers, geeks, punk
ladies, and the Tea Burds of America's (almost)
favorite High School come together to talk about
their days after Wydell! In this exciting and hilarious
comedy class reunion hosted by the infamous
"Principal Mcknee," what will happen when you the
alumni are greeted by a few other unsuspected
An Interactive Theatre venue means YOU, the audience members, play roles as plot participants just as the characters do, as you AND they interact throughout the entire show! They will treat you one in the same and dance with you, sing to you, sing for you, and some of you will be chosen to partake in the action on stage as a character! Interactive shows offer a non-traditional, unique, and exciting physical theatrical experience for almost everyone!

(Not all situations in the show are completely appropriate for persons 16 and under)
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