In 2002, Hanging Cow Productions made it's New York City, Off Off Broadway "debutt" to sold out audiences at the American Theatre for Actors on 54th street with our ALL ORIGINAL hit parody, psuedo musical, "The ButtCracker!" A modern magical "tail" of what ballet ISN'T! In December of 2014 & 2015 we revived THE BUTTCRACKER BIGGER AND BETTER than ever! We have revised the script, adding more comedy, more scenes, and even parody songs! The rewrites tell the colorful, comedic story of a young, clumsy, coming of age woman who 'accidentally' dreams of ballet stardom in the local neighborhood production of "Prawn Lake,"a twisted and wickedly funny journey mocking the plotline of the Nutcracker ballet and every dance movie/television show from the last 2 decades! When "Cocoa" knocks herself in the head with a Nutcracker Doll on Christmas Eve, in Hells Kitchen, NYC, her dream comes alive with boys in pink tights and ballet slippers, disco clones, brainless ballerina diva's, and wanna be dirty dancers, along with a militant, alcoholic dance teacher appropriately named "Miz Beals" bring onto the stage an unforgettable comedy experience in this (un)traditional 'tail' gone awry with featured antics such as "Cutloose," "Thirty Dancing," "Crashdance," "Prancing with the Stars," "Saturday Night Beaver" and "Lord of the Pants." The Buttcracker was produced in 2002, 2014, and 2015 by Hanging Cow Productions and was written & directed by: Elise Maurine Milner. Stay tuned to see if YOUR city will be graced with hilarious antics of "The ButtCracker!"
"The ButtCracker" returned to the stage in December 2014 & 2015 after a 10 year hiatus with 18 SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCES!
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"The ButtCracker was an ABSOLUTE BLAST!" Anthony Bolinski, The Village Voice, New York

"A BUTT-CRACKING GOOD TIME!! Hanging Cow Productions shows its true colors with "The Buttcracker..." I appreciate Elise Milner's vision and hopes she will continue her work in similar venues. It's delightful to be present at her show... get into parody mode! The Buttcracker is a take off of famous dance movies from the Red Shoes to Dirty Dancing and it is a melting pot of all sorts of gorgeous memorabilia." -Jade Esteban Estrada, The Villager News, New York

"The ButtCracker is good (mostly) clean fun, a modern comedic love story surrounded by a dose of satirical dance pop culture that we all know and love, and need to chuckle at!" -Cimey James
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