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See our HIT reprisal of our dramatic play, "The Answers to Apathy" performing April 23rd-29th 2018! Tickets are $25 online and the show performs at the American Theater of Actors on 54th street, New York, NY

Written and directed by: Elise Maurine Milner
Starring: Emilie Gubler, Ita Korenzecher, Davide Ferrari, Olivia Vessel, Kathleen Ferman, & Sydney Tucker
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More info!
COMING THIS FALL, 2018! Elise Maurine Milner's NEW play,
"All About Infidelity," will tell the story of five couples having experienced different levels and types of infidelity. Told from many different perspectives, these characters navigate the road from heartbreak to forgiveness, but will they be able to fully move on and TRULY find happiness again with each other or will it end the trust and faith they had in each other?
Film/Television Projects
Are you an aspiring playwright or producer? Don't have a penny to your name but want to learn to create your own production opportunities? It isn't as hard as you think! HCP will soon be offering a beginner's theater production and a playwright's workshop for those looking to polish and produce their work on little or NO budget! Stay tuned for details!